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Aqueous Degreasing

Cemastir aqueous degreasing machines space from small washers, i.e. OXY Series, suggested for small/medium productions such as car maintenance workshops to the biggest models such as System, suitable for more complex washing requirements and bigger volumes.


Cemastir solvent machines are close circuit machines and work with tetrachloroethylene (perc) or modified alcohol or hydrocarbons AIII class, having different productivity. These machines are characterized by a central unit containing a basket holder for one or more standard baskets and a solvent still; the washing cycles can be set and can work with immersion, aspersion, turbulence, solvent vapors or ultrasounds if present.


The PL/SAB sand blasters are composed by steel panels and are include of a cabin with a large window allows visual control during operations, a un with nozzle in steel or in widia, a compressed-air gun for surfaces finishing after sandblasting treatment and a cyclone-dust separator with electrically driven aspirator, separating dust from abrasive material.

Dry Cleaning

Cemastir dry-cleaning machines are designed and built to meet all washing requirements. The Universal range is available in the LP and SP series with an articulated choice of diameters, capacities and powers. Universal dry-cleaning machines are adaptable to the most diverse loading requirements.


35 Years Experience in Degreasing Machines

Cemastir Lavametalli srl under the brands CEMASTIR, AMA Universal and DELFINO offer a wide range of metal degreasing machine working with water and detergents, chlorinated solvent or modified alcohol and class AIII hydrocarbons.


For large-scale industrial requirements, Cemastir offer a long lasting experience in projecting and producing washing tunnels or other customized installations.

Cemastir aqueous and solvent degreasing machines are made with the highest technologies and have the best components available on the market.

Our Services

Cemastir in next to customers not only during the sale phase, but also with a wide range of services all over the world:

Tailor-made designing for every necessity

Immediate and punctual assistance

A large and complete spare parts stock


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