Metal degreasing machine

Solvent-based metal washing plants

 Solvent based metal washing solution that guarantee a deep and accurate cleaning

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Metal washing solutions with hot water and biodegradable detergents

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Sandblasters and Shot peening machines

Plants with abrasive material for the metals surface treatment

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Application fields of metal washing machines

Thanks the know-how acquired by our technical team we are able to listen all the productive needed e the more specific cleaning request from different industrial sectors, studying customized solution for each type of application or cleaning:

Our mission is to produce machines and systems that optimize production processes by reaching the highest cleaning standards. The success of our metal degreasing machines confirms that we are creating effective solutions for cleaning mechanical components.


Metal washing technologies

Water + Detergents

Cleaning with aqueous solutions is the most natural and immediate way to clean parts from any type of contamination, and lends to various techniques used for the treatment of components.

Thanks to our long-lasting experience in this field, we are able to manufacture washing plants on-board, spray, positioned, immersion and continuous.

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Modified alcohol and hydrocarbons

Originally created as an alternative to chlorinated solvents, thanks their lower environmental impact, modified alcohol and hydrocarbons have become quite successful in a short period of time and are now widely used to treat metal and non-metal surfaces.

Their use guarantees, in fact, clean, degreased and perfectly dry component with low energy consumption. The use of vacuum technology also allows for short-time operation and subsequent reduction of emissions to a minimum, making it an environmentally sound choice.

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Chlorinated Solvents

The use of chlorinated solvents is the most common solution in the washing of industrial components.

The excellent degreasing properties and the evaporation speed of the chlorinated solvents guarantee efficient drying in a short time with optimal cleaning.

Discover the metal washing plants with chlorinated solvents

Our plus


Starting from the analysis of specific washing requests and the needs of individual customers, our technicians are able to design customized machines and systems, which perfectly integrate the production cycles of our customers, optimizing time and labour costs.

Technical Support

In the event of machine downtime or malfunctions, our technical team intervenes to make the metal washing systems work as quickly as possible. In addition, to prevent sudden blockages, we offer a scheduled assistance service that ensures regular maintenance and spare parts immediately

Spare parts

In our warehouse in Zola Predosa, near Bologna, we have a spare part for Cemastir, Ama and Delfino in prompt delivery, to speed up maintenance work. In addition, our technicians can help you find the right spare part to solve the problem as quickly as possible.


Optimize production processes and
get clean and residue-free components