Zola Predosa, April 29, 2020.

Cemastir, a leading company in the production of machines for industrial degreasing with detergents and solvents, is pleased to announce that it has incorporated a branch of the Milanese company Dollmar.

The branch of the incorporated company is a production and market reality that includes the FINEP brand, with its consolidated know-how in water and detergent degreasing machines, as well as in painting plants, and with a strong sales network that has been selling solvent machines for over thirty years.

This incorporation will strengthen Cemastir’s leadership on the market, thanks also to its new offices and showroom in the Caleppio di Settala headquarters.

After the opening of the subsidiary in Germany in 2017, today’s operation further strengthens Cemastir’s presence on the national market. It is therefore a further step in its development, favouring the expansion of the sales network, strengthening know-how on complementary plants and expanding its offer with a higher market penetration.

In strategic terms, this merger will lead Cemastir to consolidate its know-how and bring value to its structure, products, distribution and commercial activity.