At the beginning of the year we were ready to present some very important product news, but the pandemic that shocked the world forced us to postpone our announcements for some time.

Finally, here we are!

Following our renewed corporate philosophy, focused on continuous technological development for cleaning solutions, we are going to announce a great product innovation: L.UN.A.

All news about L.UN.A will be revealed on June, 18th on Please, visit our website to discover the new benchmark for the cleaning industry!

Our industrial and commercial expansion plan therefore continues at full capacity, making the Cemastir brand most appreciated on Italian and foreign markets. After the incorporation of a company branch of the Dollmar Group that includes the FINEP brand, now our catalogue is further enriched with a truly innovative machine.

We are confident: L.UN.A. will be a game-changer for the metal washing sector.

Follow us: we are ready to show you how the keywords: “Precision, Design, Personalization“ that distinguish us have been re-set for 2020.