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Do you like L.UN.A?
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With L.UN.A. we present our customers the currently most innovative parts cleaning system on the solvent sector. It combines hydrocarbons/modified alcohol of class AIII & perchloroethylene in one and the same machine. With L.UN.A. you don ́t have to ask yourself, which of the two solvents is best suited for you, because with L.UN.A. you can switch between the solvents in a short time with nearly just one click on the PLC display. Furthermore, for all PERC users, the active carbon unit is no longer necessary with L.UN.A., because of the patented & highly efficient condensation system, which is integratet in every L.UN.A. machine. Further advantages include energy savings of up to 30% and consistently fast batch times during the measuring phase after washing and drying for perc users. And of course, L.UN.A. is able to operate with every standard industrial option like ultrasonic, remote control and fully automation devices.

Overview of the advantages:

  • L.UN.A. works with mod. Alc ( AIII ) or perc in exactly the same machine
  • L.UN.A. set ́s a new benchmark with continous fast batch times because of the patented condensation system for perc users
  • L.UN.A. will reduce your energy costs up to 30% compared to a conventional perc machine operating with olden active carbon unit
  • L.UN.A. will raise your weekly output of batches to a new level, because the extreme waiting time at the emission point for perc users is eliminated
  • L.UN.A. will never again force you to meet the decision whether you work with perc or mod. alc for the next >10 years of operating the cleaning machine

Technical data

*The machine represented is the L1 model