Cemastir Lavametalli Srl | CEMASTIR presents OWSBOX – Antivirus Machine
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CEMASTIR presents OWSBOX – Antivirus Machine

CEMASTIR presents OWSBOX – Antivirus Machine

Cemastir’s engineers have not been idle during lockdown and have joined the fight against Coronavirus with their knowledge of metal washing machine design.

Working with EVOpdi researchers, Cemastir has designed and built a technologically advanced sanitizer, able to defeat viruses and bacteria through the nebulization of an innovative disinfectant liquid, which is totally green. Thanks to active nanotechnology, it protects the treated objects by eliminating bacteria, viruses and odors, while ensuring sanitization for a whole week.

So we present OWSBOX – Antivirus Machine, the first Cemastir product not designed for the needs of industrial processes, but for the needs of families, schools, offices and many other places.

Home keys, glasses, tablets, smartphones, shoes… OWSBOX can contain all the objects used in everyday life and sanitize them easily and quickly. It only takes 7 seconds to disinfect everything for a whole week!


Visit our website to buy OWSBOX online: the most innovative and powerful sanitizer is on promotional offer until December 31, 2020:

Find out more about the sanitizing liquid used by OWSBOX: an innovative nanotechnological product based on amorphous titanium phosphate, which does not grease, does not dampen but forms a microporous film with antiviral, antibacterial and anti-odour properties on objects.