Cemastir Lavametalli Srl | Precision even in delivery dates
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Precision even in delivery dates

Precision even in delivery dates

Metal-cleaning machines are frequently a fundamental part of industrial production lines.

When a machine is inserted within a production cycle, punctuality in delivery is essential, since a delay can compromise the production programs of an entire company.

When choosing a supplier, punctuality and speed are crucial, as fundamental as the operability and technical quality of the machine itself.


Precision, Design, Personalization: the key concepts of our work

For Cemastir, precision does not only mean attention to technical details, but also ensuring compliance with the agreed delivery date, so that customers can plan interventions on their production lines without worrying about delays or unexpected changes.


Installation times vary from 2 to 3 months, depending on size and configuration.

Do you want to know how long Cemastir will take to build your customized system?

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