Cemastir Lavametalli Srl | The German branch Cemastir GMBH is now operative
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The German branch Cemastir GMBH is now operative

The German branch Cemastir GMBH is now operative

The year that is finishing has been very important for us. After the opening of the new plant in Zola Predosa (BO), we have another event to celebrate: the opening of our new German branch, Cemastir GMBH.

The opening of this new site is a great achievement for us, but, most important, it is a great occasion to exploit Cemastir’s excellence, experience and specificities directly on our customers’ territory.

This operation is part of the run of consolidation and growing that we have been tracing for a long time and that has allowed us to be present not only in Germany but also in Switzerland, UK, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Russia, and China.

Today is the beginning of a new development phase for our Group: new markets, new services, but always the same passion and professionalism, combining Italian genius and

creativity with German precision and rigor.

We thanks both the internal and external collaborators of our Society, who have worked together with us for all these years, it is thanks to them that Cemastir could became a constantly growing international reality.


Visit www.cemastir.de!