Cemastir Lavametalli Srl | CSK-V – hydrocarbons – modified alcohol
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CSK-V – hydrocarbons – modified alcohol

CSK – V machines works with modified alcohol or Hydrocarbons AIII class.t(flash point ≥ 55º C ) and are projected to eliminate different types of pollutants.


CSK – V works under vacuum generated by an oil lubricated vane vacuum pump and has the possibility to treat the parts with different washing phases: spraying, immersion, turbulence, solvent vapours and where indicated, ultrasonic phase.



Among the main characteristics we remind that the parts are treated at each washing cycle with clean solvent according to a preselected program, thus granting the perfect cleaning result.


Central treatment-chamber in stainless steel, thermally insulated, with pneumatically operated sliding door with safety lock.


Hot solvent tank – manufactured in stainless steel contains the heated solvent used in the first phase of cleaning (cleaning). The tank is heated by a patented heat-exchanger system which transfers the heat of the distillation vapors to the solvent into the tank, thus reducing energy requirements and obtaining at the same time a considerable saving in cooling water necessary to condense the still vapors. The tank has a glass to inspect the level of the solvent inside it, which will be continuously rinsed.


High Capacity Solvent Still – manufactured in stainless steel thermally insulated.


Vacuum drying system operated by a special vane vacuum pumpwhich makes


Oversized solvent Pump – to improve the cleaning performance and insure the necessary solvent pressure through all filtration systems, the machine is fitted with oversized pumps.


PLC Siemens S7 300 Safety and Touch Screen – complete with remote control board with clear text display of functions and error messages, allowing the memorization of 50 different programs of operation.


Sliding loading door pneumatically operated – with infrared safety barriers to prevent any opening during the cleaning cycle.


Pipes, connectors and valves fully made of Stainless Steel and welded and equipped with throttle for perfect fit.


Spillage Safety Tray – manufactured in steel, positioned under the whole machine.


Heat exchanger – the system is equipped with a heat exchanger for water cooling, thus the machine does not need any additional external device for water cooling and collection.

– the machine is equipped with vapour self-producing devices and heat exchangers thus it does not need any additional device for its working.