Everything you need for always-performing metal washing plants

Thanks to our in-house technical department, we are able to meet every need in the metal washing industry, from the design of tailor-made systems to the supply of spare parts, to keep your metal washing machine always efficient.


Tailor-made metal washing plants for your components

The metal washing plants available in our catalogue are designed by an in-house team of engineers, who study in detail both the washing requirements and the latest innovations in degreasing and surface treatment.

Thanks to our know-how acquired in over 40 years of activity in the field of metal washing machines we are able to respond to the most specific needs, also producing custom-made metal washing systems for each material and component.

Our metal degreasing machines fit into any type of production process and offer fast and precise cleaning cycles, ensuring optimal results.


Efficient metal washing systems

Our technical assistance service provides a team of specialized technicians ready to take action in case of malfunctions to repair your metal washing plant in the shortest possible time.

Furthermore, we provide a scheduled maintenance service that involves the intervention of our technicians at your site, in order to maintain the machines performance, spare parts availability and avoid sudden machine downtime.

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Spare Parts

Original components for your metal degreasing machine

At our plant in Zola Predosa are available in stock the original spare parts branded Cemastir, Ama and Delfino.

If necessary, our technicians are available to help you find the spare part that you are looking for. Furthermore, with scheduled assistance services, you can be sure of always having the competence you need with zero-waiting delivery times.

Optimize production processes and
get clean and residue-free components