Bardassone Srl, an italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of brass parts for the sanitary and industrial taps industry, has chosen L.UN.A. 2 by Cemastir for the excellent washing quality of turned brass components.

L.UN.A 2 is a very innovative washing technology, which allows to recover and totally reuse the modified alcohols used in the cleaning cycle. The customized washing cycles are set according to the geometry of the pieces. The turned pieces are in fact immediately washed after mechanical processing, because if not removed immediately, the emulsifiable oil used would leave residues that would be difficult to eliminate. Three washing cycles lasting 15 minutes each during which the pieces are degreased, washed and dried.

The customization of the washing cycles combined with the patented condensation system of the L.UN.A plant represents a sustainable innovation in the world of industrial washing.

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