PL Series. Sandblasters’ main features:

  • A large window allows visual control during operations
  • Gun with nozzle in steel or in widia
  • Compressed-air gun for surfaces finishing after sandblasting treatment
  • Cyclone-dust separator with electrically driven aspirator, separating dust from abrasive material. After separation, the abrasive material flows back to the operation area while dust is collected into a filter bag.

Standard configuration of sandblasters includes: wiring, internal light, pressure gauge, pressure regulator, control pedal, gloves.
Spare parts and abrasive materials always available in stock.


  • Removal of oxides, welding residues, carbonaceous dross
  • Cleaning of molds for glass, plastic materials, die casting materials
  • Cleaning of plastic and metal surfaces
  • Pre-cleaning and preparation for further treatments (i.e. painting)
  • Cleaning of heads and components of engines for mechanical overhaul