Metal washing plant L.UN.A.

The new point of reference of industrial washing

Born from our experience in the world of metal washing, the new system L.U.N.A. allows to quickly change the type of solvent used without modifying or implementing the technical structure of the machine.

L.UN.A. innovative design and compact size make it easy to fit into any production cycle and, thanks to the highly efficient internal condensation system, it doesn’t require auxiliary cooling systems.

Furthermore, the L.UN.A. system can be equipped with any washing or automation device

Load capacity: 

  • from 1 to 4 basket standard –special machines for large dimensions

  • Hydrocarbons/modified alcohol
  • Chlorinated solvents


  • Reduced volume
  • Integrated condensation system
  • 30% energy saving compared to traditional metalwashing machines
  • Operates without Water Chillers, activated carbon filters or abatement systems

Application Field

Le competenze acquisite dal nostro team tecnico ci hanno permesso di ascoltare le esigenze produttive e le richieste di specifiche di pulizia sempre più elevate di diversi settori industriali, studiando soluzioni ad hoc per ogni tipologia di lavaggio e di applicazione.

Le nostre macchine lavametalli vengono usate con successo in tutti i settori industriali

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